All I can say about this majestic human of light is she is amazing! She was spot on from the first word. When I spoke to her it was if I had known her my entire life. Out of every reading I’ve had she has been the best. Don’t sleep on this girl because she’s not playing games. Nothing but love and light. I really do not have to words to express how amazing she truly was so I guess you will just have to a boots reading for yourself to comprehend. #speechless #BOSS

Carol Anne Zuccarell
March 5, 2021


Rechelle Lynn

April 6, 2021

Had a reading done by Tanya and she was very professional and got right into the reading. This was my first one and I was trying to tell her stuff that explained what she was... Read more

Kirs Tin

April 6, 2021

I was very happy and amazed how on point she is, I was very happy with all the result and made me feel good. I highly recommend her and will be doing more readings for sure.... Read more


April 14, 2022

Love her energy