Tanya's Tarot and Reiki Healing Crystal healing Candle

Smudge, Fragrance, Home and Bath

Brand: Tanya's Tarot and Reiki Healing

Hand made crystal and herb infused candels reiki protection put in each candle. Good for meditation, salt baths and just to burn while working.

Featured Products

Cleansing Set
This Cleansing Set comes equiped with 2 Crystal Healing pendants, 2 Chakra Bracelets and a candle Bath Salt. Before each kit is assembled, all products sit under the Moon light to charge with intention, filled with love, light, clarity and protection. Happy Altering. 
Moon Ritual Candle
All Moon Ritual candles are prepared on a Waxing and Full Moon. There is Amethyest stones placed on top as well as Lavander and Rosemary. Perfect for burning for rituals, a relaxing bath and works well to clear out negative energy from your home. 
Smudge Starter Kit
This package comes with Selenite Crystal wands 2 Palo santo, smudge stick, healing necklace and incense cones. Every Smudge Kit assembled comes with prayer and tobacco offerings to the ancestors. This Smudge Kit is highly effective to cleanse and clear home, mind, body and spirit.